Titan Aviation & Aerospace India Ltd (TAAIL) another entity under Titan Group was incorporated in the year 2011 with an object to promote aviation and aerospace activities.

The idea of the project is import substitution, upgradation and modernization of defense and aerospace systems in India.

In addition to the above, we will be manufacturing aircrafts, helicopters, aero engines, space shuttles in the aerospace hub and new generation combat vehicles, body armor jackets, bomb blankets, military drones for surveillance purpose in the defense hub.

We have partnered with United States and several Ukrainian companies on ToT basis to manufacture the above products in India which will cater to both domestic and global markets.

Phase I comprises of Air Charter Services Civil & Defense Simulators and Aero University.

Phase II includes complete range of Aerospace Laboratory, Design Bureau, Manufacturing of Aircraft Engines & Components by using Electron & Laser Beam Welding Machines.

Phase III is about assembly line, production line and MRO (Maintenance Repair & Overhauling which includes C & D checks) for Aircrafts and Helicopters with a captive Runway and Power Plant 20 MW.

TAAIL is holding land allocation of 6000 acres in one of the defence corridor which is divided into 3 zones: Classified, Domestic, Restricted. Our​ ​​project is cross section of Infrastructure and Industry

We also intend to lease an underutilized airport under the control of Airport Authority of India (AAI) else create a joint venture with AAI for immediate performance of (MRO) Maintenance, Repair, and Overhauling purpose.

We are proposing to manufacture Aircrafts, Helicopters and their respective engines in India for both domestic and global markets.

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