Titan Defence Systems Ltd (TDSL) is a startup based out of Hyderabad in India, incorporated in the year 2021. We are proposing to establish Defense manufacturing hub for Home Land Security in one of the Defence Corridors promoted by MoD.

TDSL is in position of 6000 acres of land through its subsidiary company Titan Aviation & Aerospace India Ltd (TAAIL). A portion land will be converted into Defence Enclave for the various allied activities mentioned below.

The idea behind the project is import substitution, upgradation, modernization and manufacturing of defence systems in India which includes leasing, design bureau, test facilities, maintenance facilities, certification and finally assembly to production line. This involves process, procedure, product and production.

TDSL will execute this project in various phases under (Atmanirbhar Bharat) Self Reliant India.

Phase 1 will focus on Skill Development, whereas Phase 2 will be Maintenance and Upgradation and Phase 3 will be Manufacturing Hub.

In Phase 1 TDSL will be commencing with Defence Simulators for Fighter Jets, Attack Helicopters, Battle Tanks and Submarines for Indian Armed Forces.

In Phase 2 TDSL will be developing deep maintenance centers for Military Aircrafts, Helicopters, MIG & Sukhoi Engines. Upgradation and Modernization plant for Battle Tanks to Main Battle Tanks and Optronics for various defence systems.

In Phase 3 TDSL will be specializing in manufacturing of Military variant of Aircrafts, Helicopters, Engines for Fighter Jets and other defence systems. New generation Multi Terrain Battle Tanks known as Future Infantry Combat Vehicle and Future Ready Combat Vehicles (FICV & FRCV) Armored Personal Carriers. Body Armor Jackets, Bomb Blankets, Dooms, and Spheres for Missiles and UAV’s in the Defence Hub.

Titan Defence, is in possession of Technologies to produce Bullet Proof Jackets and converting cars and flying machines into Armor Vehicles used for VIP movements.    

With above facilities TDSL will be tire 1 vendor for Ministry of Defence and same time be able to export their products to the global market.

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