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Titan Geo Space Systems Ltd (TGSSL) was incorporated in the year 2021 with an objective to support ISRO and space stations word wide.

TGSSL in collaboration with Ukrainian Space Agency, Yuzumash Space Plant and Kurbs Orbital will establish facilities to manufacture and service Satellite Launch Vehicles and Satellite launch services.

Upstream & Downstream are two key components in Space domain as supply chain.

Design, development and manufacturing of satellites, launch vehicles and launch services are part of the Upstream industry. In addition to this we can provide service like Satellite Relocation, De-Orbiting, Space Debris Removal and Remote and Close Inspection.

Service facilities include: Ground Control Complex, Spacecraft Modular Platform, Acquisition Module, Propulsion System, Communication System, Power Supply System, Thermal Control System.

TGSSL is building infrastructure that makes it possible for truly scalable industry to thrive in space. Our on-orbit servicing platform makes up the base layer supporting new business avenues in the future which will help satellite operators to clear key orbits of debris and to receive $ 100K of additional revenues per day, by extending their satellites commercial lifetime and performance.

TGSL will also create R&D arm as per spacecom directive. Satellite operations, satellite services and the end-user industry are part of Downstream Industry.

The key applications of the satellites are communication, navigation and earth observation. Space will define the future of the national security, defence forces around the world are already developing specific entities focused on the space domain.

Considering the above factors, TGSSL will create a captive space infra structure in Tamil Nadu in land spread over 3000 acres in association with IN-SPACE and New Space India Ltd partnering with United States and Ukrainian technologies to develop, R&D and engineering facilities along with Satellite Control Centre and Telemetry Tracking and Command.

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