The idea of mining beach sand is to extract minerals like Ilmenite, Rutile, Garnet, Zircon, Monzonite and Kainite to name a few of them. The post mining products like Ilmenite Rutile Zircon and Garnet have huge export market with buy back arrangements in place.

Each of the individual minerals has specific application and used in different Industries. To start with Rutile and Ilmenite has a very huge export market as well a domestic market. Ilmenite is further processed to produce titanium sponge and titanium dioxide.

Titan Mining is been exporting of Ilmenite since 1999 directly to Pigment production plants in Ukraine and importing Rutile based Titanium Di-oxide. Titan has developed a mining plan in collaboration with Outotec Inc a mining solution company based out of United States and MAST LLC a company based out of Russia.

Considering the potential of Beach Sand Mining, TMML is currently perusing to set up a Titanium Excavation Plant either in the costal belts of Andhra Pradesh or in Tamil Nadu.

The plant has 3 stages of implementation: Mining Plant, Mineral Separation Plant and Value Addition Plant. TMML has developed business plan and mining plan by engaging Outotec Inc and MAST Ltd companies based out of Unites States and Russia.

Titan Mining, proposes to establish Ten-Thousand tons capacity of Titanium Sponge and Fifty-Thousand-ton capacity of Titanium Pigment plant. Later scale-up the production basing on the availability of Ilmenite reserves and clients’ requirements.

Titan Mining has partnered with Outotec Inc and MAST LLC  set up the above facilities in near future.

Titan Mining, will initially export post mining minerals like Ilmenite, Rutile, Kyanite, Monzonite, Garnet and Zircon.  Later TMML will retain Ilmenite for Titanium Sponge and Titanium Dioxide production. TMML will be a key player for supply of Ilmenite for all major pigment production plants globally and Titanium Sponge for all aerospace and defence manufacturing companies.

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