Titan Metals & Minerals Ltd (TMML) is the first entity under Titan Group. TMML was incorporated in the year 2001 with objective of foreign trade specialising in import of advanced, ballistic, composite and strategic materials.

Kotta Giri Kumar is the founder Director of this group and prior to Titan Metals, we were importing various alloys through Ms. Spectrum Special Materials Inc (SSM Inc) and later through Vibgyor Exim International Pvt Ltd which were purely a trading companies.

SSM Inc is US based company which was supplying Molybdenum & Tungsten to Mishra Dhatu Nigam Ltd (MIDHANI) and Heavy Alloys Penetrators Project (HAAP) in small quantities from Xian Chemicals Corporation China. Since the Chinese supply source had more of Fe content in both Moly and Tungsten, SSM Inc had developed new sources for supply of Moly & Tungsten.

Later SSM, has developed new sources from United States from a company called Climax Metals, Wah Chang Teledyne and Philips from Japan. SSM Inc had also developed a new supply source for Teflon used in both space and automobile industry and supplied huge quantities of Teflon from United States.

SSM, had broad plans to setup a dop tungsten plant in India to manufacture filament for the bulb industry and joined with Mr. Douglas Path citizen of United Kingdom as technology partner for supply of Tungsten to Sylvania & GE as potential buyers.

Later SSM business was merged with Vibgyor Exim Intl Pvt which further developed market for new materials.

Vibgyor Exim Intl Pvt Ltd (VEIPL) a private incorporation based out of Hyderabad was instrumental in importing various Alloys, Super Alloys, Mater Alloys and Ferro Alloys. In Ferro Alloys we have mastered in sourcing bulk alloys and noble alloys for all industrial applications.

These ferro alloys include Ferro Titanium, Ferro Moly, Ferro Niobium, Ferro Vanadium and bulk alloys like Ferro Chrome, Ferro Chromium both High and Low in Carbon.

Vibgyor was importing Rutile based Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) from Ukraine for various paint industry. Vibgyor was instrumental in exporting Indian Ilmenite to Ukraine from mines of Orissa and Kerala which belongs to Indian Rare Earths Ltd a Government of India Company.

Further Vibgyor was importing beverages like fruit juices, beer and vodka from Russia and Ukraine. Vibgyor was importing Baltic beer from Russia and Obolon Beer from Ukraine. By early 2020 Vibgyor realised the importance of sector specific companies and had established Titan Metal & Minerals Ltd for exclusive trading of Metals and Minerals.

With trading background through SSM Inc and VEIPL, Titan has developed reliable sources from Russia and Ukraine for the different products and materials.

Drawing on its long marketing experience Titan has been conducting a compressive research program in order develop newer and better materials in response to the needs created by the recent advances in industrial technology such as Titanium, Scandium, Niobium, Vanadium, Hafnium besides Molybdenum, Tungsten, Cobalt and Nickel.

Indian Defense and Aerospace establishments have been our major clients for purchase of Ballistic and Strategic materials. This contributes 45% of our trading business. This includes materials like Carbon and Carbon, Carbon Fiber and Carbon Fabric, Kevlar, Graphite and Graphene.

Titan is representing companies like PATON Institute of Ukraine for promoting Electron Beam Welding & Laser Beam Welding machines for processing titanium alloys for aerospace application and Yuzushmash Missile Production plants for supply of Ring Rolling machines which manufactures launch pads for SLV’s (Satellite Launch Vehicle) for Space Programs.

Titan is been into import of Law enforcement products such as Body Armor jackets, Bomb Blankets and Car Armor Steel. Titan also has immense amount of potential to trade in technologies in the field of Body Armor and Car Armor. We also have the privilege selling our products to Ministry of Home and Defense in India.

Titan has an exclusive Technology Trading division as part of group activity which is been working with Technology Board of India and Dept of Science & Technology (DST) marketing Cladding Technologies, Nuclear Technology and Technologies to produce Bullet Proof Jackets and converting cars and flying machines into Armor Vehicles.

Titan was into import of CNG cylinders from Ukraine for various categories of Automobiles. As India did not have the technology for necking part of the cylinder.

Titan developed consistent supply source for Fertilisers from Odessa Port Plant in Ukraine. Titan participated in tenders of Indian Potash and MMTC for supply of Urea and DAP. Urea, DAP and NPK with different combinations can supplied and traded globally.

Titan had established source for Coal from Indonesia, Met & Pet Coke from Ukraine. Titan also has arrangements with companies like Chernobyl Nuclear Plant to bring in nuclear fuel and technologies to construct atomic reactors.

Ever since the incorporation of Titan Metals, approach towards the industry has changed. Titan will get transformed into trading leaders of world class with corporate structure and with our mission statement is never to be the biggest in the metal market but to be the best in terms of services, reliability and price competitiveness that we give to our customers.

Below is the list of few products and materials which Titan is capable to supply. Interested clients or resellers may write to us on

List of Products




Aircraft Tires

Civil & Military

Alloys, Super Alloys,

Titanium, Scandium, Hafnium, Ti AL Alloys


Beer & Vodka

Bullet Proof Jacket

Level 7A


Fiber & Fabric

Coal & Coke

Met & Pet Coke


Soda Ash & Bromine

CNG Cylinders

For any type of Automobile


Urea, DAP, NPK


Ilmenite, Zircon, Garnet, Rutile


Titanium Di Oxide (Rutile & Anatase)

Tuff Fabrics

Kevlar & Twaron,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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