Titan Aviation will start Air Charters Services, Simulators for the Aircrafts and Helicopters. In addition to this Aviation University with various courses in aviation and aerospace verticals.


Titan Aerospace will establish an advanced MRO center for both Civil and Military aircrafts to perform C & D checks which also includes modernization and upgradation units besides manufacturing of aero engines.


Titan Defence under make initiative will establish deep maintenance centers under GoCo model and will set up design and development facilities for manufacturing of Body Armour Jackets, Combat Vehicles and Surveillance Drones.

Geo Space

Titan Geo Space in collaboration with various Ukrainian companies will establish facilities to manufacture and service Satellite Launch Vehicles and Satellite launch services.

Titanium Mining

Titan Mining in collaboration with MAST, a company based out of Moscow will extract beach sand minerals and establish Mineral Separation Plant and Titanium Excavation Plant for captive consumption.


Titan Metals will be actively involved in sourcing Advanced, Ballistic, Composite & Strategic Materials for various Aerospace & Defence entities in India.


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